Monday, July 20, 2009

For Aspiring Models

I peruse quite frequently and especially enjoy the forums. I found this in a forum post written by Benjamin Kanarek. I think this speaks volumes:

"The model arrives. Felicity Gilbert turns out to be a London girl from Maida Vale so I have someone to talk to. Slim and willowy as you’d expect, she looks impossibly young and innocent out of makeup. She’s actually 22 and has been in Paris working as a top rank model for two years. Her fresh, almost teenage face is hard to reconcile with her portfolio. In makeup and with the right clothes (or no clothes at all) she looks incredibly chic. It proves the point that the pretty girl you see on the street would not necessarily make it as a model. If she looks even slightly curvy she is probably four dress sizes too big, if she has a cute face she would look distinctly chubby on camera and if she has strong features she, and not the clothes, would dominate the shot. Being a blank canvas is not as glamorous as it sounds and much harder work than you’d think."

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