Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, I have been neglecting the blog again. Winters drive me insane. This is the time when I should hunker down and write but my blog has never been much about my thoughts. I like to shoot, and then post what I shoot. Until my studio is built winters will continue to be sparse for me.

So, why am I writing now? I guess it's a way for me to organize my photo goals for the year. As per usual, I have wedding season and those blessings but I also want to concentrate on upgrading some gear. I sold the 12-24 f4 and don't miss it. It's a gorgeous lens but I rarely used it. Now I'd like to concentrate on some primes. An 85f1.8 (or maybe even a f1.4) is on my wish list. Another possibility is a 60 or 105 f2.8. I think a macro would be a nice addition. :) I could always use more lights but I really need to add some stands, clamps, diffusers, etc. I'm bored of umbrellas and cheap reflectors.

I have noticed that the predictions of a boom in photographers has come true. Now that digital technology has simplified metering and focus, it seems anyone can call themselves a "photographer". And maybe they should. I've always thought that the technical side could be learned by anyone anyway. What can't be taught is creativity. The "eye" is always the final judge. I don't like more competition (forces rate wars) but I do like that I have more to learn from. Everyone has something to offer and I am open minded enough to see value in the perspectives of others.

We will likely be moving soon. We'll still be in the same region but we are selling our house. We have loads of reasons but my main reason is to have space for a studio and maybe even a small farm. We'll see.....

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